Friday, November 14, 2003

interlude from last night...

JILL: did you see the bartender's shirt? it says "jesus is my homebody"
ME: homebody??
ANDY: i think that's homeboy, jill.

so last night i should not have gone out, which means of course that i did. i met chris, andy and jill at coogan's happy-hour for $2 bud lights, CNN-watching and of course inevitable sing-alongs to backstreet boys. the tragedy of the night occured when the whitehat bartender turned off 360 with anderson cooper in favor of espn. oh straight men, you are so predictable. in pursuit of even cheaper drinks, we journeyed to the dockside for $1 drafts (where the homebody/homeboy incident occured) and then onto the part of boston that always beckons to us: the south end. we hit up club cafe, where as usual jill and i were the only girls, and drank cabernet while attempting to act snooty while rocking out to hillary duff remixes. chris and i had the good sense to leave around 10:30, since the respectable time for happy-hour had long since passed.

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