Friday, October 24, 2003

the Saga Of The Stolen Wallet continues! last night i was surprised by a phone call from Josh (Jeff?) the bartender at the green dragon. he had asked me to leave my number in the event that my wallet turned up, which i did although i didn't see the point at the time. anyway, he called last night to 1) plaintively apologize over and over for what happened and 2) tell me that the old dirty woman who i suspected as the theif has used a credit card to pay for her tab that had been stolen a few hours earlier from a woman in the North End. AND she spent $40 on drinks in about half an hour, which means not only is she Dirty and Old, but she is a Drunk as well. what a slut. anyway, I ended up talking to this bartender for a while, and in the end he was like "when are you coming in to see me? i work tomorrow night". did i mention he is irish, accent and all? So this is the formula for success: Lose A Wallet, Find A B.

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