Friday, June 13, 2003

i bought a new phone yesterday (portable, not cell) and awoke this morning to find that the ring sounds like a cross between an angry loon and a blaring car horn. I remembered too late this feature is what I hate about V-Tech phones. Damn you V-Tech! You fooled me once again with your pretty silver color!

This phone-buying was brought on by yet another attempt on my part to re-do my room. Since I have oodles of spare time, it has come down too reorganizing my closet and rethinking the color scheme in my bedroom: I swear, someday I am going to make a fabulous kept woman. All of this is really a feeble effort to make it impossible to make a mess, something I continue to be amazing at. My room will be spotless for weeks, and then it will happen: I will be pressed for time and looking for that elusive black tank top, or that certain red skirt that matches my top. I enter the closet and begin rifling through hangers...and then bam! in a mere nanosecone the room is covered in clothes. Pants are strewn about like streamers after a party, skirts overlap into a crazy patchwork pattern on the floor, shirts fly through the air and when all is said and done I still haven't found that black tank top because I left it at Jill's and now my closet has essentially turned upside down emptied onto my bedroom floor. And somehow I feel that having more hangers will solve this problem.

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