Friday, May 02, 2003

Karen from the Dior counter and I were plagued by prank calls at work last night. Mine consisted of either a foot-fetishist or who I can only assume is a bored, painfully ugly young man calling the shoe department multiple times to inquire about my feet, such as "What color nail polish do you have on your toes?" and the more original "Can I smell your feet?". And then the more imaginative calls to the Cosmetics counter included such witticisms as "Will you rub cream on me?" and "Can I draw on you with lipstick?". This is and of itself was slightly funny and at least broke up the montony of the night, but the f*cker wouldn't even allow me to come back with a reply: he would just ask me the question, wait a second and then hang up. I had a condescendingly approriate reply that was both witty and funny! In my opinion, prank calling has gone way downhill since the days of Pat McKrotch.

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