Thursday, April 03, 2003

What is it about a single girl that piques the curiosity/ elicits the matchmaker? During this past week alone: three different people have assumed the reponsibility of setting me up with someone that is quote unquote perfect for me, the thought being that I am single not out of choice but because I lack some sort of boyfriend-finding ability. The email I just received from Sheila's son (Sheila is a woman I work with) is the proverbial last straw. This puts me in the position of having to go out with and inevitably find tiresome the son of a work colleague and thus create a semi-hostile work environment. Blast! I don't like to update about men/boys because it is entirely too bothersome and boring subject. However, I have to say that being "single" does not neccessarily mean "looking for a boyfriend" in the same way that "not looking for a serious relationship" does not neccessarily mean "i am a raging nymphomaniac".

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