Monday, April 14, 2003

it is so lovely out. i mean really beautiful! i had forgotten how nice this campus is in the spring. And of course, anyday when I can break in a new pair of open-toed shoes is a good day for me.

Friday night - after a night out at Flanagan's to celebrate Capella's birthday, i returned home around 12:30AM: drunk, bored and wide-awake. This in turn led to an unprecedented drunken-email frenzy. People I haven't even talked to in months recieved long, detailed and by some miracle lucid emails from me from between 1 and 3AM on Saturday morning. I had vague recollections of doing this and was mortified to think of what I had written. In truth I have not drunken-emailed since my days at Umass Amherst and I hate to have a regression. However, I checked my email and recieved quite a few replies that in no way indicated my emailes were incoherent, not based in reality, obscene or otherwise unpleasant to read. I actually used the phrase "stringent conservatism"! . It's all very puzzling but I'm glad that my drunken self seems to have matured from drunken and misspelled professions of love to drunken musings on politics and work anecedotes.

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