Friday, April 11, 2003

if i could title this entry, it would definitely be called "Mispronounciation is the spice of life"

In the past two weeks I have met two people who are from France but learned English in England and thus speak with a strange melange of accents. Coincidentally, both of these people used the word "penchant" but pronounced it as "ponshont". Is that correct? Have I been mispronouncing yet another word all these years? Or can I blame it all on the bi-accent? I wonder..... I mispronounce everything and not only don't care, but like it. I especially refuse to pronouce correctly the following words
1) nuclear
2) adhesive
3) vehement
This is not a newly developed trait of mine. From 1st to 2nd grade I refused to believe that the words applause and applesauce were not the same thing. In my Great Books class (remember that!), poor Mrs Roy tried to tell me otherwise but I merely eyed her and continued to use them interchangably.

I love Fridays, even though today is miserable and I have completely wasted half an hour blow drying my hair when in about two minutes it's going to look like a giant fro.
Top Five Songs to Listen to on a Rainy Friday Morning
5) Don't Go Breakin' my Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee
4) Least Complicated - Indigo Girls
3) Africa - Toto
2) Desafinado - Ella Fitzgerald
1) Alone - Susan Tedeschi

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