Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I just returned from dropping Pogo off at the dog-cardiologist (he has a heart murmur!) and i have this to say: i think the very existence of a dog-cardiologist, dog-pharmacist and dog-physical therapist is adorable. At the vet's clinic nobody even addresses people: all the attention is paid directly to the animal. For instance: when I walked into the clinic the secretary announced "Pogo, you're right on time" and then the nurse came out and said "Now Pogo I don't want you to worry, you're just going to have you picture taken, that's all.!" nobody said a word to me. When I left, the nurse was holding Pogo and making him wave bye to me with his paw, as though he were a baby. I'm sure he was thinking "I'm 84 for Christ's sake".

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