Wednesday, April 02, 2003

i feel somewhat better about my faux-epiphany regarding Empire Falls having been vindicated by one miss kristen o. so, hats off to her. in the same class, today i knowingly used the word "indoctrinated" completely incorrectly as brought to my attention apres class by the ever vigilant grammar policeman Eric. i said something like "That's a nice indoctrinated you have there." i'm telling you, my brain done gone.

tonight at work i had an ever so slight brush with fame. picture this:
well dressed middle aged woman enters store and approaches me regarding low-heeled mules. i usher her into the enzo angiolini section where we spend a good half hour trying on slingbacks and talking about shoes in general. trendy vs functional? square toe vs pointy? the possibilities are endless. and all the while I am acting like the shoe buyer for Saks with my authorotative tones regarding stacked heels and what's "in" this spring. at the end of our discussion, she buys a pair of heels and gives me her business card, urging me to email her when we get in the new BCBG sandals. I look at her business card and see not ONLY is she herself a shoe buyer for Chadwick/Lerner but she is also, in fact Stuart Weitzman's neice.

interesting, n'est ce pas?

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