Tuesday, April 15, 2003

How can someone possibly be expected to be responsible on a day like today! Is it any wonder that I skipped my last class and went to the beach to bask in the sun, sip an iced coffee and read? I simply cannot be held accountable for my bad-kid mentality when it's 80 degrees out.

I did manage to be somewhat productive, and attend my first class as well get as my weekly dose of UMASS female empowerment at a workshop about the development of feminism in Israel and Palestine. Have you ever noticed how concious of your facial expression you become when you realize someone is staring at you? I was a little late to the workshop and thus had to stand along the wall in the back, at which point I was standing directly across from a lanky young man wearing a pink V-neck sweater.who proceeded to unabashedly stare at me (not that I can blame him, I did just get a fabulous blow-out, if I do say so myself) and once I noticed it, I could barely restrain myself from smirking/glowering/making a monkey face. It was a bit unnerving, I must say.

I recieved something so awful in the mail today. I know I've signed up for alot of mailing lists, but you just never expect such filth to arrive at your house. The filth I speak of? My Citibank bill! I decided immediately that I have two options: Win the Jackpot Giveaway on Oldies 103 or else take the pittance I have and gamble it into a fortune. The former option was a bust: my cell phone does not have very good redial capabilities. The latter option is still in the works: I know for a fact that Grandma and a myriad of Stewart Aunts are going to Foxwoods on Monday and I do not have class due to the useless but nonetheless appreciated Patriot's Day holiday. I'm going to try the Oldies route again tomorrow: I hear the artist of the day is Neil Diamond, which can only mean good things.

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