Wednesday, March 26, 2003

spring is indeed here: i just had my first Slurpie of the season - vanilla coke flavored, mm hmmmm.

so finally the barrier was broken in class, and my professor in Contemporary Lit used class today as an open forum for discussing the war. i made a concious effort, initially, to appear neither ant nor pro war. i instead opted to blast the media and expound on the internatonal opinion of Americans (i.e the American government). This was the precursor to a free-for-all, otherwise known as intelligent collegiate debate, where sentiments ranged from "If you don't put a flag in your yard then move to France." to "I hate America!'. Oh how i love the obsession with polarities in liberal college atmospeheres :-) after this, i have decided I am sick of opinions, most of all, mine. I will adopt the Allen-esque stance of a militant pacifist. I will walk around outside with a blank sign. I will be astute in my ambivalence.

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