Monday, March 17, 2003

i love how AMC pretends that it doesn't show "The French Connection" all the time. They're always saying "And now, a special presentation of The French Connection". Sorry, but it is not so special when it is the third time today.

anyway, last night at work some very shady business went down. towards the end of the night: two scantily clad young ladies with drag queen makeup and latoya jackson wigs came into my department accompanied by a rotund older man who looked like a cross between horatio sanz and james gandolfini. he then plunked down his platinum american express and the girls proceeded to buy $2300 worth of shoes. They would grap fistfuls of Coach and BCBG heels, snap their fingers at Nathanial and Jack and Me and yell "8 and a 10, 8 and a 10!". By 7:20 (keep in mind the store closes at 7), they were still barking shoe orders at us and the counter was hidden under piles and piles of their shoe boxes. then, in an unprecedented lack of shoe department etiquette, Jack stole the sale from Nathaniel and me. He entered the sale under his associate number, this acquiring all the commission, because quote unquote "I was helping them first". in my opnion, since we all helped them together (some of us more than others, cough cough) we should have split it three ways, but Jack the shoe nazi did not see it this way. As he was ringing them in, I was closing the other register and one of these girls kept snapping to get my attention so i would bring her more shoes even though 1) i was clearly in the middle of doing something and 2) the store was closed. Plus, and not to sound too witchy, but if i am not getting commission out of this then i was done helping them and jack could fend for himself. then, because karma evidently does exist, the power went out in the whole store during the transaction so they didn't get anything, and jack got no commission. i have to admit, as the store was plunged into darkness i laughed/cackled out loud (pracitcally hooted, really), and then one of the prostituites, i mean girls, yelled at me: something about how I have the same attitude as the girls who work at Jasmine Sola (a shoe store on Newbury St), whatever that means. i try to have patience with all my customers, because that is what working on commission is all about: but even if you ARE buying $2300 worth of shoes (Or rather, having your pimp buy it) - - do not think you can wave a faux-wood stiletto pump in my face, flick your nasty weave out of your heavily turquoise-eyeliner lined eye, and make me nervous: no one snaps their fingers at me.

on a lighter note: Happy St Patrick's Day. I am working tonight: but plan on getting my green beer on immediately afterwards.

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